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Principal’s Message

We live in a world packed with information and rich in resources. Life is moving at a fast pace, so much so every minute is precious. In most homes partners are highly educated and placed in good jobs. There is development all round us, technology is moving forward in leaps and bounds, information is accessible to one and all. Students of today live in this world and bring into their classrooms such a world. This - the school and the classroom is where further development is possible. This is the platform for helping Children focus, share, expand and harness their individual worlds. Schools give them an opportunity to blend their knowledge and thereby enrich the schools culture and move it up in society. Where such healthy atmosphere exists schools thrive and become icons of education in their city, state and country.

St. Ann’s High School is 135 years old. The Sisters who came from in 1871 had a vision and they made it their mission to realize that vision. From 6 students to 2000+ was a journey they made with ease. The roots of this institution are indeed deep and strong and it has weathered rain and storm with equanimity. Focusing, sharing, expanding and blending……… these virtues have been the life blood of the schools policy. The success of our students the world over bears testimony to this. What we see today was the vision our founders had 135 years ago. Life may have been much slower then but the tireless effort of the Sisters has slowly but surely prepared the students to be ready for development and advancement…. for the world today.

Our Annites have carved a niche for themselves wherever they are, whether in India or abroad. We are as proud of their achievements as they are. The process is on --- more and more Annites will, in the future tread the path of success. More of them will continue what their seniors have started --- spreading the culture and tradition of the school, the state and the country they belong to. “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire”. Said W.BYeats. We believe in it. And we continue to be what our motto says “Sicutapis Operosa” as busy as bees...

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