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History of St. Ann’s

An Historical glimpse or background of the School

Msgr.Dominic Barbero invited the Sisters of St.Ann of Divine Providence to Hyderabad Vicariate and Mother Enrichetta Dominici Selected six sisters on November 20, 1870. and these six sisters arrived in Secunderabad on 3rd March 1871. The Sisters were entrusted with the orphanage and education of girls. Sisters also expanded their educational apostolate in different parts of the Diocese and also took up other fields of apostolate to carry the mission of Christ entrusted to all of us.
To impart education to the poor and needy the school was started on 1st April 1871 with 25 orphans and 3 boarders by the sisters of St.Ann a Religious Congregation committed to the cause of education.
In 1883, the strength increased to 130 pupils in November 1884 it was officially inspected and recognized as a Middle School. From its start the school presented pupils for the Middle School Examination for the Madras Matriculation.
In May 1902 it was recognized by Madras as a European Aided High School. In 1911, the Madras Matriculation was abandoned for a more suitable Cambridge examination which was later superseded by the Indian School Certificate Examination. From 1915 candidates were sent up for the Cambridge School Certificate.
From 1933 till 1941, candidates were also sent up for the H.S.L.C. introduced by the Nizam, followed later by the H.S.C., and now by the S.S.C. Throughout these years candidates were also sent up for the Trinity College of Music Examination which is still being carried as on date.
For many years boys were kept in the school up to the age of eight years but it was found necessary to stop admitting boys, so as not to refuse admission to girls and in 1966 the last batch of boys completed their studies.
There were three sections in each class imparting instruction according to the H.S.C. Syllabus which later became the S.S.C. course run by the State Education Department. Since the school had grown very large a decision was taken to bifurcate the S.S.C. section from the I.S.C. Section thus creating two separate High Schools each with a different course of studies completely independent of each other. While bifurcating the school the St.Joseph’s Middle School, was amalgamated with the S.S.C. Section of the St.Ann’s High School. The Kindergarten is a separate section where the children are prepared for both schools. The amalgamation and the bifurcation took place on 11-06-1970.
On 1st April 1971 our school Celebrated the Centenary - 1871 to 1971. We are grateful to God for giving us the opportunity to serve him through education to our young ones which is the mission of our congregation ST.ANN OF PROVIDENCE.

What we are today or rather we have achieved these heights of glory because of the untiring labours of those who have gone before us. May the Lord bless them in all their undertakings in spreading God’s love and may they grow from strength is my prayer for them. The need of the hour is to be a witness of God’s love around us day after day.

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