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Institution Logo

School Emblem
The school emblem depicts a beehive with bees and the motto "Sicut apis operosa" (as busy as bees).

The hive symbolises the school community in which students like single cells are cemented together to form one harmonious unit.

A hive speaks of perfection in symmetry. Students are called upon, under the guidance of their teachers to strive for excellence academically and in all spheres. Bees in a colony transform nectar from various flowers into honey. So each Annite should discover and develop her potential to the fullest, utilizing to the maximum all the opportunities offered in this school with the goal of becoming equipped to fulfil effectively in life the mission chosen for her by God.

Bees work in co-ordination. So each student should learn to appreciate the uniqueness of others and to co-operate in perfect team spirit to build a community of love, now in the school, and later in society. Like honey the students are called upon to be gentle instruments of healing and joy through their generous service.

In this way it is the aim of the school to form the students into responsible adults who in their journey through life, nourished by the nectar of God's presence within them, will work with others

to build "a civilization of love" - a foretaste of our Eternal home where we shall drink together the Divine Amruth.

Aims and Objectives
The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann was started in Italy, in 1834 by a pious couple the Marquis Carlo and Julia Barolo for the Christian Education of the poor and needy
children and youth.

The Marquis Barolo established the first Kindergarten school for children in Turin, Italy they also established vocational centres to ensure that young persons would grow, live in dignity and fulfill their vocation as human persons who could contribute to the building of society according to the values of Jesus Christ.

The aim of St. Anns school is to impart a balanced and an airound education to promote the integral development of the personality of each student. This school cherishes the value of the dignity of each student as a child of God. It seeks to foster in the students a love and trust for God, our good father; it strives to offer the students an education based on the Gospel values and the true values of our Indian culture. So it shapes its curriculum to inculcate in the students values such as love, brotherhood. Justice. Iruth, honesty, simplicity tolerance and compassion. It is keep to develop.in them a sense of responsibility and sensitivity to the needs of others and the attitude to fface difficulties, and the future with courage and optimism.

The Patroness of the School is St. Ann, who is the model of mothers and educators, as her daughter Mary became the Mother of Jesus Christ. St. Ann is also the chief patroness of the Management i.e. Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann.

Blessed Enrichetta was the first Superior General of the Sisters of St. Ann, who lived in Itlay, from 1829 to 1894. It is she who took the courageous step to send the first six sisters from Italy to start St. Ann's School, as the first Convent School for girls in Andhra Pradesh.

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